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Stone: (Tiger Eye) Tigers Eye stones are known to bring wealth, fortune and success. Tiger's Eye helps bring harmony to people with different viewpoints or perspectives. Tiger's Eye helps leaders provide balance in their power and leadership. It can help reduce anxiety and minimizes feelings of isolation or inadequacy. Tiger's Eye are balancing stones and they can help provide emotional stability and reduce feelings of jealousy, by increasing one's feelings of selfworth and self-confidence. Tiger's Eye helps find balance in times of chaos or upheaval.~ Encourages one towards practical and physical action~ Lends vitality to the demands of physical life.~ Aids in seeing both sides of the situation.~ Enhances strength and creativity.~ Promotes inner calmness and centeredness in the face of difficulties and challenges.~ Assists one if finding equilibrium in the mental and emotional states.~ Assists in treating the eyes.~ Creates awareness~ Promotes wealth~ Minimizes stress~ Enhances confidence~ Brings good luck



Herbs: (Cinnamon) Money drawing, Makes everything work faster.

Herbs: (Patchouli) Helps manifest love within self. It also helps attract, and allure.


Oils: (Money Oil) Money drawing, financial abundance, golden spark, create riches, financial security.


Scent: (Cinnamon)  Money drawing, Makes everything work faster.

Scent: (Clove) Improves money matters.


Door of possibilities are opening for me.

Money, Financial Abundance (The Golden Spark)

  • Please keep out of reach of children, and light in a safe a secure area.

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