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Stone: (Rose Quartz) Rose Quartz represents all kinds of love not just romantic love, but it can also represent love of friends and family. Rose Quartz is a stone for forgiveness and compassion. Rose Quartz is said to restore trust, it can soothe emotions, and help heal from emotional wounds. It encourages loving energies of the universe~ Clears bodies of ego-driven patterns~ Engenders the release of tension and stress~ Helps reach the resonance of compassion~ Dissolves boundaries of isolation and mistrust~ Shift heart from stress based physiology~ One of the most powerful stones for the heart~ Promotes self love~ Heals the heart~ Helps attract love~ Raises self-confidence and Protects relationships.


Stone: (Rhodonite) Rhodonite helps you to understand your gifts. Rhodonite is a stone of compassion, and an emotional balancer that clears away emotional wounds and scars from the past. Rhodonite nurtures love. Rhodonite helps ward off negativity and brings a sense of self worth and well being. Rhodonite is known for unconditional love, it can facilitate inner growth, helps overall emotional balance, and can attract one's soul mate, or mend broken hearts.~ Assists in foregiveness~ promotes love energy~ Supports emotional balance~ Stimulates and heals the heart~ Helps one to recognize and apply talents~ Encourages calmness in stressful situations~ Aids in understanding of dreams and visions~ Helps emotional balance~ Encourages brotherhood of humanity


Herbs: (Lavender) Improves mood, clearing the mind.

Herbs: (Jasmine) Soothing to the heart. Brings rich connections.

Herbs: (Patchouli) Helps manifest love within self. It also helps attract, and allures.


Scent: (Moonflower)


I will attract passionate love. I will find love everywhere I got. I accept my confidence and recieve love easily. I love freely and without fear. I will never stop loving myself no matter what. Everything that is happening now is happening for my ultimate good.

Love (Confident and Secure)

  • Please keep out of reach of children, and light in a safe a secure area.

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